2022 Calendar

Watch this space to keep up to date with our schedule. Learn what is on tap for live theater, both historical theater and comedy.  If you are interested in a performance for your group or organization, please contact us at NCHT2021@gmail.com , call 252-229-4977 or message us on Facebook.

January 27th   7pm Orville Bank of the Arts open to the public. Tickets: Craven Arts Council & Gallery (craven-arts-council-gallery.myshopify.com)

January 28th, Orville in a private performance at Carolina Colours.

Bill Hand portrays the younger Wright brother Orville as he looks back on how he and his brother were inspired by the concept of flight, then created one of history’s greatest inventions using little more than ingenuity, spare change, and equipment they fashioned from things lying around in their bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio. His story ends with a description of the famous First Flight on December 17, 1903, at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

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March 19th, Murder in the Manor in a private performance

March 25,26,27 Murder in the Manor at the Old Theater in Oriental. Tickets here.


March 31st, Murder in the Manor in a private performance at Carolina Colours.

An irritable publishing mogul lies dead at his table. Suspects abound! 
Who did it? How? Can you solve the crime?  Welcome to the deadliest dinner around, North Carolina History Theater's laugh out loud production of Bill Hand’s Murder in the Manor. There is still time to schedule your performance for March. Call 252-229-4977

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December 16, Carolina Colours, a private performance of Miscreants' Christmas

Santa is missing and WHO has to find him? If you are interested in this performance for your organization, let us know 252-229-4977.


March 3-5 Mark Twain Day & Night 7:30 at Cullman Performance Hall NC History Center. Open to the public. Tickets: www.NCHistoryTheater.org

March 6 Mark Twain Day & Night 2pm at Cullman Performance Hall NC History Center. Open to the public.Tickets: www.NCHistoryTheater.org

The irascible, astute and always lovable Mark Twain – If you only know him from Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, then you don’t really know him at all.

Come share an evening to see what it was like to watch Mark Twain’s whirlwind speaking tours. In “Mark Twain: Day and Night,” Mark Twain impersonator Bill Hand has collected and prepared a true compendium of America’s most beloved author’s works—both the humorous work of his early years including excerpts from “Tom Sawyer”, “Huck Finn”, “Roughing It”, “Life on the Mississippi” and “Innocents Abroad”, and the sharper, more critical writings and thoughts of his later years.


April 23-May 1 Honour, The Musical at Orringer Auditorium at Craven Community College. Open to the public.

The Stanly-Spaight Duel.  One of New Bern’s most compelling stories.  A younger man goads an older statesman.  The older man insults the younger.  All in public.  In newsprint. Add the story of Sarah Rice, a favored slave of the Spaights, who had a son by John Stanly.  Mix it all together with the knowledge and wit of Bill Hand and the music of Simon Spalding and you have Honour, The Musical.