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Have show....will travel!
North Carolina History Theater's Murder Mystery Mobile Troupe & More!

Our dinner theater productions makes entertaining EASY - for your members, restaurant guests, office staff, family members...we'll travel anywhere within 50 miles of New Bern to perform at your venue. It is a great way to offer something new and different, especially in the slower months.  Currently we are offering an almost classic, murder mystery, Miss Murple's Last Case.  Bookings are full for this one, but watch for two more zany mysteries in 2024.  Questions?  Email us 

See all the current bookings for Miss Murple

Miss Murple's Last Case

The nefarious Beezle Crittenham has been found dead in his hotel room and the fabulous gem, the Green Flem which he stole from the East European nation of Solobalonia is missing! Who killed him? Where’s the gem?

Miss Murple’s Last Case is a comic spoof on all those mystery genres and games from Clue to James Bond to Dashiell Hammett! Twists, turns and red herrings are everywhere while the characters try to solve the case. So does the audience: the characters visit them between scenes to answer questions until, before the last act, the audience fills out its Whodunnit forms, and the best guess wins a prize!

Miss Murple’s Last Case is written by Bill Hand and is the newest in North Carolina History Theater’s ongoing programs of traveling mysteries.


You'll meet six extraordinary and comical spies and detectives who are both suspects and sleuths who are pointing fingers at one another and trying to solve the crime. They range from  Etta Place, the famous and deadly spy to Beau Cutter is a film-noir type of guy – a detective, a gumshoe, a dick. Then there's Beulah Frumpczquezaskvi, undercover spy of the backward nation of Solobalonia, on the track to find the Flem—armed to the teeth with bizarre and backward “secret weapons.” She is pretending to be nurse to…

Miss Murple, famous senior-aged sleuth who has solved hundreds of mysteries in her life… but is the addled old girl still on top of her game?

Find out!  Schedule Miss Murple's Last Case for your club, restaurant, organization while the spies last!

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