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Have show....will travel!
North Carolina History Theater's Murder Mystery Mobile Troupe & More!

Our dinner theater productions makes entertaining EASY - for your members, restaurant guests, office staff, family members...we'll travel anywhere within 50 miles of New Bern to perform at your venue. It is a great way to offer something new and different, especially in the slower months.  Currently in rehearsal is Murder in 3D.  Booking now for April performances.  Call Bill Hand at 252-229-4977 or  Email us. Fee is $10 per person in the group. Minimum group size is 30.

To find where you can see a performance of Murder in 3D, Click HERE.


Murder in 3D
written by Bill Hand, travels to various venues including country clubs.
These performances are quick, witty pieces full of red herrings.

“Murder in 3D” is a Hollywood spoof in which a famous director, while presenting a film idea to possible actors, producers and financiers, discovers that his twin brother has been slain—by one of his guests. Everyone goes to work figuring out who, and between acts the actors visit the audience in character to answer questions, because the audience is also working to make a guess at the killer, method and motive for a prize.

Can YOU determine Whodunit?

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