Have show....will travel!
North Carolina History Theater's Murder Mystery Mobile Troupe & More!

Our dinner theater productions makes entertaining EASY - for your members, restaurant guests, office staff, family members...we'll travel anywhere within 50 miles of New Bern to perform at your venue. It is a great way to offer something new and different, especially in the slower months.  Currently we are offering two shows, Murder in the Manor and Orville.

Murder in the Manor is entertaining, engaging, and downright zany at times; your guests will enjoy being a part of solving the mystery of who committed murder right under their noses!  The cost is $10 per person with a minimum of 30 people.  The show is available through March of 2022.

Orville. Two of America’s most famous and brilliant men did “their thing” right here in North Carolina.

Wilbur and Orville Wright, two brothers from small town Dayton, Ohio, took just a few years to solve a problem that had been puzzling humans since ancient times: the problem of flight!

And they did it without wealth, or influence, or high learning, using a bicycle shop and homemade scientific equipment (made with bicycle spokes and old hacksaw blades, among other things).

Wouldn’t it be great if one of those curious brothers could come back and tell you, your students or your organization their story? Well, now they can!

The North Carolina History Theater presents Orville, a one-man, 45-minute traveling show performed and written by Bill Hand in which Orville Wright looks back and tells the tale of what inspired the brothers and how they went from bicycle enthusiasts to masters of the first flight,  sailing over the sands of Kitty Hawk on our Outer Banks in 1903.

Informative and entertaining, it’s an excellent piece for students of middle school or higher, and for presentation to any related college, organization or business gathering. The cost is $200 to perform to an organization; $150 to speak to nonprofits and schools. Contact us for information on performances as fund raisers or auditorium performances.

We are currently taking bookings for March of 2022 and later. Please email Bill Hand directly at NewBernHistory@yahoo.com  or call 252-299-4977 should you wish to book our Mobile Troupe.

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